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How to Make a No Sew Doll Blanket

Don’t sew? No problem!  This baby doll blanket is perfect for

Free American Girl Doll Bedding Pattern

My favorite thing about this doll bedding pattern is the reversible

Baby Doll Receiving Blanket Pattern

This baby doll blanket will surely be a hit to little

Fox and Tag Blankie Tutorial

This is the cutest fox plushie set.  Together as a pair,

Clementine Crate Doll Bed – TUTORIAL

My daughter loves to put her dolls to be in her

Doll Bed Tutorial by Patchwork Posse

Coming up with sleeping spots for all your dolls can be

Stuffie Sleeping Bag Tutorial by Flossie Teacakes

This one is for all those who take their stuffie camping!

Tag Blankie for Plushies Patterns

I ran into a bunch of tag blankies and thought they