Sloth Plush Toy by LDP

Sloth Plush Toy….yeah, This one is a bit interesting but not any less fun to play with!

Made with a super cheap darker pair of socks and some safety eyes this sloth plush toy has super long arms.  Perfect for hanging about….and slowly going…nowhere.

I think what gets me the most is the facial expression and eyes. Adorable!

sloth plush toy

The instructions for the sloth plushie are super simple and they do include a few photos to help along the way.  Great for beginners sewers….or even kids!  Plushies are a great way to get the kids involved and interested in sewing things for themselves.

See how the sloth plushie can just hang about:

sloth plush toy

He gives me the giggles!

You can find how to make a plushie here:

Sloth Plush Toy by LDP

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