Teddy Bear Pattern from a Sock

This teddy bear pattern is a little bit different.  There are no templatesРyou are kind of on your own on that.  However, the pictures show clearly the steps to takeРfrom drawing the pieces right on the sock, cutting them out to stuffing and finishing properly.

Since this uses only one sock, you can either– use the lonely sock who has lost his mate, or you can make two matching bears!

teddy bear pattern

The size of the bear will be determined by the size of the sock…..you could also mix and match those parts to make a scrappy sort of bear.

You will find this free and easy teddy bear sewing pattern here:

Teddy Bear Pattern from a Sock



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  1. Weres the pattern?? Whenever i click on the link it just sends me to this same webpage??

    • The pattern is the picture. There isn’t a template…just the steps.

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