Free Baby Bunny Tiny Plushies
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These are probably the cutest tiny plushies I’ve ever seen so far! They’re so adorable, my heart just melted. Can’t wait to make many of these! They’re so quick and easy to make, for sure you can make a lot … Read More

Bunny & Monkey Patterns
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You just got so lucky! This blog post shares two super fun and easy-to-make plushies – a bunny pattern and monkey pattern you’ll definitely love to make! Bunny Otso Plushie This little bunny plush is ready for some action and … Read More

Bunny Doll Hat Made of Fleece
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This bunny rabbit doll hat made of fleece is surprisingly very easy to make! The free downloadable pattern lets you create a nice matching hat for your little girl’s American Doll or a standard 18″ doll. The fleece bunny rabbit … Read More

Bunny Jacket for Your Stuffed Animals
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The idea of a bunny jacket is super cool! It adds charm, interest, and style to bare stuffed toys. And you can mix and match the jackets to other naked 18″ soft toys you have. The creator of the pattern … Read More

Bunny Hat and Paw Mittens Tutorial
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This bunny hat and paw mittens set is so cute!  Treat for chilly spring nights, or playing dress up….or for a Halloween costume. Made with fleece, they are simple to sew and wear in one day. Supplies for Sewing: fleece- … Read More

Bunny Plushie Pattern – with floppy feet!
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I love these!  The little floppy string legs, with the big feet….perfect for hopping about! They are the perfect size for any age of hands, and with a little loop at the top, they can dangle wherever. Add some different … Read More

20 + Bunny Sewing Tutorials
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Spring has sprung! That means bunnies are on everyone’s mind now.   Their cute little whiskers, floppy ears and fluffy tails are so cute. These bunny plushies can be made for anyone…. stuff them in a basket, go on a … Read More

Sweet Floppy Bunny
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This sweet little floppy bunny is ready for Spring! With floppy arms and legs, this bunny is great to have in your sewing projects collection. Mix and match fabric with texture– minky, fleece, flannel, stretch knit are all perfect for … Read More

Simple Bunny Finger Puppet -template included
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Finger puppets are great.  They are perfect for the imagination and for little fingers.   These little bunny finger puppets can be stuffed into an Easter basket, or tucked away as a take a long for trips or emergency distractions. … Read More

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