Bunny Bean Bags- boo boo bunnies
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Boo Boo’s can be hard for some kids, but do you know what makes them easier and better?  A hot/cold boo boo bunny! This simple bunny bean bag can do double duty.  Play, or heal. You choose. Supplies for Sewing: … Read More

Woodland Friends Puppets- Owl, Bunny, Bear Felt Tutorials
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I love simple, cute and puppets.  They are great for the imagination and because they aren’t stuffed, they are a little easier! Because of the hand stitching and simple design- they might be good for little stitchers too. Supplies for … Read More

Bunny Puppet for Your Finger
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This little sweet bunny puppet if perfect for little fingers and beginner sewers.  The sweet face {with just a few embroidery stitches} and long pointy ears is great for keeping little ones busy while you are running errands or waiting … Read More

Stuffed Bunny by Lil Blue Boo
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I love these stuffed bunnies!  I am not sure what my favorite part is– the mix and match of fabric, or the fact that you can totally stuff the bunny with lots of goodies– through his zipper mouth.  There is … Read More

Beaver and Bunny Pattern
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If you are a Beaver or Bunny Stuffed animal lover- these are for you! It’s a two for one today with the pattern and tutorial.  The beaver stuffed animal shows off his super cute buck teeth- while the bunny have … Read More

Tall Bunny Pattern by Immertreu
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The tall and skinny bunny pattern is up!  I am pretty sure this is super easy and could sew up super quick- great pattern for beginners.  The materials that you can use are so different.  They sewed their stuffed bunny … Read More

Bunny Pattern on Sweet Tidings
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Grab that Spring gingham fabric and sew yourself a few of these bunny patterns!   They are super cute and would be a wonderful companion in the easter basket. The instructions are in Japanese— but don’t be afraid of that. … Read More

Bunny Pattern for Easter
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The bunnies are taking over around here! Today we have another cutest bunny pattern ever! It is small, short, and super cute. I am thinking that little kiddos with tiny hands would love to grab onto those ears!  The details … Read More

Bunny Pattern by Patchwork Posse
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Easter is coming up and having a basket full of bunnies is a fun way to celebrate!  This bunny pattern is a great pattern for beginners and it can use a UFO Quilt block too!  Grab those blocks that don’t … Read More

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