Crocodile Softie- with zipper mouth!

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This crocodile softie is from a book review.  The tutorial shows you how to sew your zipper for the mouth {great for little fingers to give a try opening/closing!} Upcycle your fabric to add some character to your crocodile softie. … Continued

Elephant Stuffed Animal Tutorial Cute and Easy!


Elephant stuffed animals can be tricky.  They have big ears, tiny tail, funky trunk…. but they can be simple with a great pattern! Sew it with minky fabric for an extra soft and snuggly elephant. This cute plushie tutorial can … Continued

Woodland Friends Puppets- Owl, Bunny, Bear Felt Tutorials

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I love simple, cute and puppets.  They are great for the imagination and because they aren’t stuffed, they are a little easier! Because of the hand stitching and simple design- they might be good for little stitchers too. Supplies for … Continued

The Frozen Fox – Ouch Buddies

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These simple little fox plush can be made to snuggle when sick.  They are a hot/cold buddie. We have a few monsters that are always hanging out in the freezer, ready for bumps and bruises. Supplies for Sewing: cotton, cordory … Continued

How to make a Snail Softie

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Snails aren’t really my thing, but I love the googly eyes on this snail softie! This is a great felt snail softie-  a little tricky with the big eyes on the small stem, but I am pretty sure you can … Continued

Mismatched Socks? Sew a Sock Snake!

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I am pretty sure that the sock snake I would end up making with all my socks would be longer than the room!  Do you have that many too? Simple design and shape, this snake is perfect for plushie beginners! … Continued

T-Shirt Plushie Upcycle your clothes!

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This is kind of a different way to sew a plushie, but I am kind of thinking it’s super brilliant!  There are a lot of t-shirts out there that are warn out, but have some super cute animals printed on … Continued

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