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I am in love with plushies!  Better than that I am in love with Handmade Plushies.  Because of this, I have come up with a little collection of Plushie Patterns that i have found around here— plus, i have included some of my own personal ones too.

My love of Dolls and Plushies came a few years ago.  I have always been a quiet collector.  {i sneak a few new origional dolls in the home occasionally} and in the last 4 years or so I started designing my own.  Plushie Patterns is all about sharing those FREE PLUSHIE PATTERNS i have stumbled upon.  I know that you will not be able to make and love them all, but i sure hope you do find something that you connect with.

All Plushies  are individual.  They are their own character.  And, I especially love that I can sift through my collection of fabric and embellishments to find that one thing it just has to have!

Besides Plushie Patterns how about Dolls!  I am equally in love with DOLL PATTERNS!  Doll Patterns are usually a bit more involved {clothes, hair, fancy fru-fru things} but really they are a treat to make and give love when they are all done.  As you can tell I am a collector of these too!

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Do you have a favorite Plushie Pattern or Doll Pattern that you would like to share?  Submit a Plushie Pattern Link-– or leave a comment with the link. I’d love to check it out and feature it in a future post.

Happy Stitching!

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