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Do you have a tutorial for a Doll, Plushie or an accessory for them?  I’d love to share it!

It’s free and easy! Each post here links directly to the tutorial author’s blog.


Please read the following before submitting your tutorial:

1. The tutorial you submit has to be your own, on your own blog, and free.  A guest author on your blog is fine. Your tutorial should have its own post on your blog. Your tutorial can also be posted on flickr, instructables, craftster or other similar site. No commercial sites. Please don’t link to your own online shop to purchase the supplies or finished product.

2. The tutorial, along with your blog, needs to be family/work friendly.

I’ll be posting one photo and a quote with each tutorial. By submitting your tutorial, you’re giving me permission to use one of your photos and a few sentences from your blog. I’ll choose the photo and the quote. Of course, I’ll be linking everything back to your blog.

The photo and the quote will be just enough to encourage readers to click through to your blog. This is a great way to promote your blog.

I may crop the photo that I use for site uniformity and so that viewers can see your item nice and close up.

Not all submissions will be accepted. Unique tutorials and fabulous photos will help with having your tutorial posted.

*If there aren’t enough photos, it’s not written clearly, it’s incomplete, the subject is controversial, the photos are of poor quality or there’s a tutorial already listed that’s too similar, I may not post it. (I will post tutorials on the same subject with different methods – just not ones that are nearly identical.)

Please help me spread the word about this blog, and therefore about your tutorial. Twitter it. Stumble it. Link to it. Thank you!

{Plushie Patterns has the right to decide to publish or not to plublish the link shared- all links are considered}


Spread the love