Free Finger Puppets Robots by Threading My Way

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Finger puppets are one of my favorites!  They can stash in little pockets in your purse for emergency play time.  These free finger puppets happen to be robots and will be loved by the boys!  {which don’t get a lot of fun play things sometimes, because they think everything is for the girls}

free finger puppets


The use of imagination is wonderful with these finger puppets!  They are a mix and match of little felt bits.  Everything is sewn to the front Before sewing the bodies together.  Perfect for little hands to help out with the desing process! They can cut away and stick them where you’d like…and then you sew everything down and they get to play!  This would be a fun birthday party activity too- and they can take their free finger puppets home afterwards.

I did notice the pink robot finger puppet in there- fine, the girls can play too.

You can find how to make a plushie here:

Free Finger Puppets Robots


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