Owl Sewing Pattern

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I am not sure that the owl fad will ever go away. I am a big fan of all these tutorials on sewing your own stuffed owl.

This one features the wings on the backside- and a cute little fabric belly.  Add some stitching along the outside of the eyes, beak, and feet to secure them if they are going to be played with.  You don’t want it to miss anything when it gets flying around the room!

You can go with traditional colors, or fun and funky colors.  With felt, anything is possible!

The stitching is all done by hand, making this a great beginner sewing project for any age.  Her method of printing off the template is a little different, but will allow you to adjust the templates to any size.

felted owl pattern

You can find the free tutorial for the owl here:

Owl Sewing Pattern by home of homemade treasures

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    Lovely to see our Home of Homemade Treasures tutorial here. We are totally in love with this little owl too. Thanks for sharing.

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