Secrets to Cutting Felt

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Felt is such a wonderful supply to have!  It comes in a variety of colors, hues and even thickness.  Some have sticky backs, some don’t.

This supply comes in so handy when you are sewing plushies.  It is a great addition for small details and additions to make your dolls and stuffed animals more interesting.

learn how to cut felt

Learn what you need to do to get it cut perfectly for the project you are working on.

Whether it’s a doll, or plushie, or another fun sewing project, it works best when it’s cut out right from the beginning.

You’ll find the secrets here-  Secret to Cutting Felt.

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  1. […] Felt is easy to use and very versatile. One of my favorite materials. You can create virtually anything out of it — felt plushies, dolls, puppets, and many more! Also, the texture is pleasant! Love touching felt, dunno why, exactly! LOL! […]

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