Yarn Doll Hair Tutorial by Becca Marie Designs

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If you have ever wondered how to get that yarn for the doll to stay nice, be styled oh so fashionable, and to make it yourself here ya go!   Yarn for Doll hair is great to use. It is fluffy, has great movement, and with a few little stratigically placed stitches- you can keep it tamed and in place.

Use your imagination when doing your doll hair too.  There are a lot of colors to choose from.  You can go with the traditional hair color- red, brown, black, blonde….or you can mix a few of them for a more sun-kissed hair.  If you are ready to really step into fun, go for the bright colors- pink, orange, purple.  There is even variagated yarn out there. How cute would that be?

doll hair

If you have an older doll– you can easily redo your doll hair with new fresh yarn.  Don’t be afraid to give her a new life with a new set of hair!

You will find the doll hair how to here: 

Yarn Doll Hair Tutorial by Becca Marie Designs


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