15+ Fox Stuffed Animal Tutorials

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Foxes are the ‘thing’ right now.  They are cute though and have such a character about them!

Their features are sharp, but can be manipulated enough to add a little bit of something special for each one you make.

15 + fox plushies and sewing projects | plushie patterns #fox #freepatterns

15 + Fox Sewing Projects

Fuchshandschuhe_02-500x333   racoon
fox1 fox plushie by a beautiful mess
fox plushies hot or cold, free tutorial fox plushie pattern
  flax-fox-1 foxyfoxy
Fix-It-Fox (11) feltfoxlong_edited-1
fox stuffed animal little fox plush pattern
fox and racoon plushie pattern DIY-Fox-Scarf-and-Pattern
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  1. Caris
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    Is there a link somewhere to the large fox the little girl is holding? I really want to try that one.

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