5 Princess Dolls You Can Make!

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Little girls will definitely feel excited about these little princess dolls! They’re fun, super cute and adorable, and very easy to make! I especially love Milly the Mermaid, her tail is just gorgeous; and the Princess and the Pea plushie is simply irresistible! Storytelling will absolutely be more fun with this dolly! Sew up a princess doll for your little princess! The peg dolls aren’t plushies but they’re still fun to make and play with. The kids can help out with drawing and painting, and also putting the embellishments!

Be sure to click on each image for a simple tutorial! Enjoy!

diy princess dolls

Princess Dolls you can make

princess    sleepydoll-and-quilt

milly-the-mermaid    IMG_2337



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