Doll Hair -curly yarn tutorial by Crafty Susie

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Doll hair is always super fun, but can become a little complicated.  What kind of yarn do I use?  What style is best?

This curly yarn hair is a great start.  Using a hair pin you will make your yarn hair turn curly.

I love that she isn’t restricted by realistics and goes with a blue yarn for her doll!

I have never made doll hair this way, but love how it looks.  The tutorial is simple enough.  I can’t wait to give it a try.

doll hair tutorial - curly yarn with a hair pin

You will find the tutorial for curly yarn hair here:

Doll Hair- curly and cute!

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  1. Charlie DeRuiter
    | Reply

    I was checking out all the cute toys on your site (they’re adorable!) and noticed this. I thought you might be interested on my different take on creating curly yarn hair. This is the 2nd step where you actually make it permantly curly. The one before creates the base cap and the one fter shows how to easily hook it in. I hope you like it! :o)

    • Becky
      | Reply

      Thank you for sharing the link! I will get it posted soon- It’s a great tutorial too-

  2. misaki
    | Reply

    Amazing! can i use felt cloth for the material? (for the face etc..)

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