How To Sew Felt Carrots

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How To Sew Felt Carrots

Felt food is so fun to make and the kids love them!  These simple felt carrots are great for any kind of kitchen and cooking playtime.

You’ll find instructions for stitching, cutting out the felt and closing the carrots so they look finished and wonderful.

Degree of difficulty

BEGINNER – hand stitching knowledge is needed.

Time needed

1-2 hours

Material for the felt carrots

  • felt
  • polyfil stuffing
  • needle and thread

Did you know you can whip up a few pieces of these cute little felt carrots in no time, machine stitching it or hand-stitched?

My friends say they look like real veggies, and they make a great diy set for a toddler or preschooler. Birthdays, anyone? 😉

Grab the free pattern now and make a few!

You’ll find the full tutorial here: Felt Carrot Tutorial


You’ll find more fun food felt and plushies here.

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