How to make Bean Bags by Tried and True

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Today we are heading a little off course and taking a look at how to make some Animal Bean Bags! These are semi round bean bags, but sewn using felt so they are squishy and soft.

how to make a bean bag

You can use these for all sorts of fun and games!  The character faces on the front make them super cute too–

The instructions are very clear with photos and she even includes the character faces too!

These bean bags are a great way to use up those smaller pieces of felt that you have hanging around.  I am pretty sure you could come up with new characters too– a dog, a cat…the list could go on!  A whole old mcdonald farm flying about in the air.

You can find how to make a plushie here:

How to make Bean Bags 

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  1. Oh those are adorable!

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