6 Sweet Tooth Dolls and Plushies

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If you love anything sweet, this post about “yummy” dolls and plushies is for you! My favorites are the cupcake and apple plushies! I love how the icing on top were made. And the apple plushie is great as a decor or even a throw pillow, and of course as a toy. The felt gingerbread man and cookies are super cute and adorable too! They will definitely make play time more fun and exciting!

Sew up plushies that make your sweet tooth happy! They are quick and simple to make. Great projects for beginners! Be sure to click on the images for the free tutorial and pattern.

yummy plushies hand made food plushies - 6 Sweet Tooth Dolls and Plushies

cupcake-party-plushie    cupcakebitofwhimsey

easterbeans   ginerbread-house

apple-plushie-pillow a26

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