Teddy Bear Tutorial by Surprise DIY

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Who doesn’t love their first Teddy Bear?  I do! {except mine was actually a mouse and not a teddy bear}.  Same kind of love though.

This little guy is a wonderful way to dip your toe into teddy bear patterns.

teddy bear pattern



The pattern is included in the long strip of photos. You will have to reconfigure the sizes of the templates, but they will work just fine when you do.

There are photos to go along with the teddy bear tutorial, making it easy to construct.  They don’t show that the arms and legs use a button hinge to secure to the body.  They are not sewn into the side seams.  I would suggest this to be sewn by an intermediate sewer.

You can find how to make a plushie here:

Teddy Bear Tutorial by Surprise DIY


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  2. Shelley StClair
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    Hi I am looking for a very cute teddy bear like the one here and wonder how big the finished bear will be?? I have a lot of ladies looking for a teddy bear so I can make the bear out of baby’s first sleeper they went home in the first day do you have any free pattern that size that you could send me the link.. I appreciate all your posts….

    • Becky
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      What a great idea! Not sure what the finished size would be….you will need to click over to the original post and that will help you out. Good luck!

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