How to Whipstitch – Embroidery Tutorial

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Embroidery stitches are pretty important whe you are sewing a plushie by hand.  The one that I use the most is the whipstitch.

This is the simplest way to sew two pieces of felt along the sides.  They hold tight, have a little bit of give when the plushie is stuffed, but don’t let the stuffing out.

how to whipstitch #embroidery #plushiepatterns

How to Sew a Whipstitch:

Step 1)   Taking your threaded needle, start in between the two layers -to hide your knot.

Step 2)  Take a stitch catching both the front and back piece.  Make sure the edges are lined up together.

how to whipstitch #embroidery #plushiepatterns

Step 3)  Repeat with the stitch along the edge, pulling the thread a little tight, but no tight enough to pucker.

If you are sewing an additional item onto your plushie, the whipstitch can be used for this also.  The stitch doesn’t need to be along the edge of both felts to work.

how to whipstitch #embroidery #plushiepatterns

Step 1)  Place the additional felt piece and take a stitch just outside the edge, with the needle coming back up just inside the additional felt piece.  Again, pay attention to how deep your stitch is and how wide your stitches are in between each other.  Try and keep them consistant for a better look.


* Try and make your stitches the same distance from each other.  The more uniform they are, the nicer it looks.

* You can choose to change the thread color for contrast, or have it matching the felt you are working with.

* As with the distance of the stitch, make sure you are consistant with how far or deep you go with your stitch.  If you go too close to the edge, the stitch will pop. If too far, it won’t look very nice.

* I move from the right to the left, do a couple of stitches and find out which direction you like to sew.  This will help with making your stitches nice and even.

* Depending on how you stitch, your stitches could be at and angle or striaght up and down.  You can decide the style of your stitch.

Do you have any hints or tips for how to whipstitch?


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