Pipsqueaks – felt animals book

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One year I purchased from a talented artist little tiny felt animals for each of my kids for their birthdays.  There was a racoon, little kittie and puppy.

They were so small and sweet.  I never knew that there were patterns out there that I could use to make them myself!

Enter the Pipsqueaks book.  It’s loaded with little tiny felt animals that you can make by hand.


Craft the cutest, tiniest felt animals imaginable—all by hand!

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, this book will satisfy your appetite for cuteness. A whopping 31 tiny hand-sewn felt projects range from pint-size koalas and elephants to miniature strawberries and ice cream cones. A glossary of stitches and a techniques chapter are included as guides, along with easy-to-follow patterns for each project. You’ll need only a handful of supplies (embroidery floss, felt, a few beads) to bring these adorable critters and accessories to life. The size of the projects makes them perfect for being made into earrings or brooches, too—the cutest new additions to your accessory collection.

• Patterns for 31 tiny animals and accessories all in one book make this an outstanding value
• A glossary, tips, and hand-sewing techniques make these projects friendly even for novice crafters
• Projects are tiny enough to be transformed into quirky earrings or whimsical brooches

Supplies for Sewing:

wool felt

needle and thread

polyfil stuffing

What kind of stitch will you need to know?

Whipstitch – it’s super easy and even my kids can do this!

Here’s what you’ll find inside—  itsy – bitsy felt animals.

You ready to give it a try?  Purchase the book here: Pipsqueak Book – little felt animals to sew by hand.

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