10 Projects for Plushie Camping

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The kids will surely love the idea of plushie camping! But before they pack their bags and head to the garden or yard and play camping, prepare the following things they need: a sleeping bag, tent, quilt, pillow, backpack, carrier, scavenger hunt, purse,  towel, and a sheep plushie!

Check out these simple, DIY projects for plushie camping:

sewing projects for your plushie camp out

Projects for Plushie Camping

sleeping-bag-tutorial    an-american-girl-place-scavenger-hunt

goldshoegirl milk sugar flower doll quilt on bed   baby doll carrier or bassinet tutorial

simplebackpack photo-5

plush pattern doll tutorial   KerryTent1

Sheep1 Doll Towel Tutorial

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