Bunny & Monkey Patterns

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You just got so lucky! This blog post shares two super fun and easy-to-make plushies – a bunny pattern and monkey pattern you’ll definitely love to make!

Bunny Otso Plushie

This little bunny plush is ready for some action and play time! You can make it in just an hour using a simple pattern with step-by-step instructions that are easy to read and follow. The pattern also includes detailed diagrams. You won’t have to adjust measurements since the templates are the actual size of the plush! This is a great handmade project for your fabric leftovers. You can use any colors and patterns; mix and match to your heart’s content!

bunny plushie free pattern and template

Finished Size: 6″ x 7″

Snatch up this cutie here: Bunny Otso Plushie


Monkey Otso Plushies

If you are  thinking of quick, easy handmade gift these fun, silly monkey softies are a great idea! Also, making them is inexpensive as you only need some fabric scraps, stuffing, thread, and several buttons for the eyes. The monkey pattern is great for beginners because it is very easy to read.

Make one in just an hour with the pattern you’ll find by checking out the link below!

Get the monkey pattern here!

Finished Size: 6″ x 7″

Grab this cutie here:  Monkey Otso Plushie

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