Yarn Doll Hair Tutorial

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Yarn is a great medium for dolls.  It comes in a variety of colors, thickness, twists…whatever! If you want blue doll hair- then do it.  If you want super soft and fuzzy doll hair- then do it.  The possibilities are endless and really they can totally make -or break- the character of the doll.

yarn doll hair tutorial

This yarn doll hair tutorial is all about making straight hair.  It’s a simple, sweet tutorial that really is totally beginners instructions.  The finished hair though is wonderful.  Besides showing you the best way to start, measure, gather and cut,  you are also shown how to stitch the yarn hair to the doll’s head.  Similar to a wig, the yarn could even be replaced if needed because of all the love and squeezes they get.

Her style of sewing it onto tissue paper and then cutting to length is smart, and I am so glad she has shared her method.

yarn doll hair tutorial

You will find the yarn doll hair tutorial to use on your cloth doll patterns here:

Yarn Doll Hair Tutorial by Bambolando

* the site is Italian, but you should see the translate button at the top of the screen to translate into English.

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  1. Patricia Holmes
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    I love making dolls but l struggle with getting the hair right.

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