Swaddle Baby Doll by Becca Marie Designs

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A Swaddle Baby Doll is one of my favorite kind of doll.  This one is no different!  The blanket quickly wraps over the baby doll –even little hands can do it!  You can open the swaddle wrap and rewrap as many times as needed.   Great to learn those eye hand coordination- and keep those little hands busy!

swaddle baby doll tutorial / plushie patterns

Their sweet face and the little tuft of hair– I can’t stand it! I love her! {and him, there’s a boy one too}  If you have any little kiddos that need a baby doll to snuggle and wrap up and love, this tutorial is for you.

This is a great project to use with a fat quarter {18″ X 20″}.  You can mix and match the front and back like the example, or you can use what you have on hand.  If you are thinking that you would like to make a doll a little larger, then adjust the measurements. Should be pretty simple to make her a little larger for bigger arms.

You can find how to make a doll here:

Swaddle Baby Doll by Becca Marie Designs

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