How to embroider the face- Doll Pattern

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Working with a doll pattern is a great way to dip your toe into sewing construction.  However, what happens when the doll pattern you have chosen doesn’t come with a face?  What to do?

With this tutorial you will learn some basics on how to mark the face and then embroider the face features onto the doll.

doll pattern


Along with the embroidery instructions, there are a few additional how to’s when it come to your doll pattern.  You will find 1. Design and Embroider Facial Features on Dolls
2.  How to Hand Sew Doll Bodies and Clothes 3.  How to Knot on Yarn Doll Wigs  4.  How to Soft Sculpture Cloth or Fabric Dolls  5.  Sewing Feet on Cloth and Fabric Dolls  6. Supplies Needed to Paint Features on Cloth and Fabric Dolls

You will find the doll pattern how to’s here:

How to embroider the doll pattern

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