How to Close up a Plushie

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Making sure your stuffing doesn’t come out and that your dolls and plushies look great – how you are closing up the hole matters!

You can simply sew a whipstitch, but that will leave bulk around the hole area and isn’t super eye appealing.

The ladder stitch is my go to stitch when you close up a plushie or doll.

Learn how to close a plushie or doll with the ladder stitch. Part of the Plushie 101 series

What is the ladder stitch?

The ladder stitch is a basic movement of the needle going back and forth on the edge of the fabric- catching just a bit of each side.

When pulled tight the thread will kind of gather the edges together, almost looking like it was a true seam.

Some hints when sewing the ladder stitch-

* Use a stronger thread.  I use a hand quilting thread which is a bit thicker than regular thread.  It has handle the pull or gathering against it and won’t snap and make you say choice words.

* Place the opening needed for turning {this is where you close using the ladder stitch} somewhere a little hidden.  I like to choose under the arm, just above the leg first.  The top of the head is an ok spot too– but it might have a curve to watch out for.

* Keep your stitches small and close together.  Anywhere this is a little hole, your stuffing will sneak out.  Noone likes a furry stitch!

* Iron down the opening with the seam allowance tucked under.  This will help you find the right fold to stitch and make your life sooooo much happier when stitching!

With all that in mind- you are ready for your

How to Close up a Plushie

  ladder stitch tutorial // patchwork posse

The Ladder Stitch in Action~

Some of my other favorite stitches include the Chain Stitch, Whip StitchSampler stitches.

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