14 Free Finger Puppet Patterns

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Finger puppets are so much fun! The possibilities are limitless. You can turn any animal, character, or person into fun puppets! Even children stories will come to life and and make story telling even more enjoyable, exciting, and interactive. Below are 14 awesome finger puppets that feature different fabrics, designs, and sewing techniques. These will definitely make playtime and story telling more fun and exciting for kids and adult alike! Be sure to click on the images to view the tutorials! Each pattern offers something cute and different!

14 Free Finger Puppet Patterns

  finger puppet patterns    finger puppet pattern and tutorial

  lambsquirrel-mouse-finger-puppets   alien-and-spaceship-finger-puppet-playset-2

Monkeys-and-crocodile-finger-puppet-set    APR_bunnypuppet

bat-finger-puppet    bunnypuppet5

robot_finger_puppets   hand-puppets

owl-fingerpuppets-1-525x525    Purim-Finger-Puppets--300x225

Farm-Animal-Puppets-4-websized    how to make dragon finger puppets.png

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